On the social network Instagram, users post and upload millions of photos and videos every day. Material can be posted as a post, reel, story, or IGTV video.

Stories are usually posted moments from life - such videos disappear after 24 hours. Reels are short videos of an entertaining nature. IGTV videos are long videos of up to 60 minutes and are rarely posted by regular users. The posts can contain either single photos and videos or several materials at once. In this case, the post will be a carousel or an album.

What is a carousel?

To post a carousel to Instagram, you need to select several photos and videos at once when posting, then the post will be published as a carousel.

It's important to note that when you publish a carousel post to Instagram, the size of the first element in the post will determine the format of the carousel. That is, if the first photo is square, then all other pics in the Instagram carousel will be brought to the same size. If a video is posted in the carousel, it will also be cropped to the format of the first carousel element.

There are a few more rules to follow when you post as a carousel. For example, if there are ambiguous photos in the carousel of photos on Instagram, which can cause a contradictory reaction from users, it is worth putting them on the second position and beyond.

Often such mini-albums are used by brands for their promotional publications. They trace the following elements: the cover, the intro, the main part and the call to action. Sometimes you can find a "seamless carousel" - one photo divided into two or more slides. If you combine all the slides together, you get a single photo. Not only can you make a carousel of photos seamless, but also a carousel of videos. Also, an Instagram carousel can consist only of video.

How to download Instagram carousel posts?

It is impossible to download photos from the carousel to Instagram using standard tools. There is no download function in the app and website. Follow these steps:
  • Copy the URL

    The Instagram app has a "Share" function. With it, you can copy the link to the carousel or any other post. There are two options: either there is a “Copy link” item in the context menu for the post, or there is a paper airplane icon, when clicked, all possible options open up, how to share the link to the publication (including with the copy link button).

    Copy the URL
  • Insert link

    The next step is to open our service Album Downloader and paste the copied link into the search bar. When you click on the “Download” button, the download page will open, where all the photos and videos from the post-album will be displayed. It is important that the link is to a public post, not limited by privacy settings.

    Insert link
  • Click the "Download" button

    Under each resource there is a “Download” button, when clicked, the download of the resource starts directly from the Instagram website using the generated link. If you download the carousel from your phone, then photos and videos will be added to the gallery, and on a computer or laptop to the “Downloads” folder (if you have not changed the default browser settings).

    Click the "Download" button

Reasons to download Instagram carousel of photos and videos?

There are many cases when you or your friends may need to download some material from the social network Instagram. Here are a few examples when it becomes necessary to download a carousel from a link.

  • You are subscribed to an account where interesting and useful tips and materials from various spheres of life are posted. These can be quick breakfast recipes, weekly horoscopes, or non-standard cases from the rules of the road. Each user will find cases when it is necessary to lay down a publication in order to study it in more detail when the time appears. The copied link can be quickly lost or completely forgotten about the found materials, and by downloading the carousel to your phone or tablet, photos and videos from the carousel will always be at hand.
  • A friend shared with you a link to an Instagram photo album. If you do not have an account in this social network, then with the help of our service Instagram Carousel Downloader you can not only watch anonymously, but also download the carousel.
  • Interior designers often post renders of their projects in carousels. It will be useful for those who are planning repairs to download them for themselves, so that their favorite options have already been downloaded by the beginning of the design development stage.

Download multiple photos from Instagram

Our website is an online tool to download Instagram carousels. Resources are downloaded directly from the social network, so the quality of downloaded photos will be the best.

How to download an album from Instagram using a link?

A post that contains several photos or videos can be called an album. These post-albums are becoming more and more popular among users, since they allow you not to choose one photo among several good photos. For example, after a weekend trip to another city, users often publish a carousel with a selection of 5-6 best photos from the trip instead of a series of single posts. You can download such an Instagram album conveniently and for free using our service, this does not require registration.

In what resolution can I download Instagram carousels?

The download page displays all the resources published in the carousel. These may include photos and videos. The standard photo and video size is 1080px. When an author uploads the original content to the server, Instagram converts and resizes all carousel elements to the same size so that the aspect ratio of all photos and videos matches. This is required so that when scrolling through the slides in the carousel, the content on the page does not jump and viewing the slides is as comfortable as possible.

Based on this, we can conclude that the downloaded files cannot be considered as the source, but our service provides the download in the best quality and the highest resolution that Instagram provides. However, do not forget that when creating a post, pictures and videos are automatically converted and saved in the optimal size and resolution. The developers have included conversion to JPG, WEBP or MP4 formats, depending on the type of material.

Supported devices and browsers

Using our online service Instagram Carousel Downloader, you can download photos and videos to your PC, phone or tablet for free from any operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) and any browser (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari).