Social networks like TikTok, based on short videos, are set to explode in 2020-2021. The popularity of short, dynamic videos has grown so much that many popular social networks have implemented similar functionality. Examples include Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Often users of social networks want to download various photos, videos and other materials. However, some social networks allow you to do this, while others only have a share function. Instagram belongs to the second category, and you can't download video reels from Instagram by standard means. Use our online service to quickly and free save reels from Instagram.

What is reels on Instagram?

In addition to Instagram posts, there is a very popular format, reels. These are short videos that are usually no longer than 60 seconds in length. Unlike stories, videos from the Reels section don't disappear 24 hours after publication. Reels can be published in stories. Another difference between stories and reels is that reels are for entertainment content, while stories are for stories where users typically share powerful moments in their lives in the form of photos or videos.

While reels videos can be up to 60 seconds long, we recommend you make videos around 10 seconds long. These videos get more views and stick around to the end. Like other sites like TikTok, for example, the different angles, beautiful locations and in-depth storyline are essential to the success of these short videos.

The Reels tab appears in the user's profile only if the user has shot at least one short video. The selection of videos in the Reels section is based on the user's interests, similar to TikTok. In the Instagram app, in the center there is a button leading to the general section with a selection of popular reels in Instagram.

Many tools are built in to prepare reels for publication on Instagram - effects, masks, retouching, timer, speed.

How do I download reels from Instagram via a link?

In order to anonymously download reels from Instagram by link using our service "Instagram Reels Download" you need to follow the following steps:
  • Copy the URL

    In the app or on the Instagram site, open the reels you want to download. Click "⁝" and select "Copy Link". The link will be copied to the clipboard.

    Copy the URL
  • Insert link

    Go to our website and in the search box insert the copied link

    Insert link
  • Click the "Download" button

    When you click on the "Download" button, a download page will open where you can choose the quality and size of the video that suits you.

    Click the "Download" button

Who might need to download reels from Instagram?

The Instagram Reels Downloader service can be required by a large number of Internet users. Here are a few examples:

  • A friend shared a link to a funny reels on Insta, and you don't use social media much and don't have an Instagram account. To watch the video, you can download reels from Instagram using our website. The downloaded material will appear in the gallery on your phone.
  • In a selection of reels, you came across a trending clip that you wanted to repeat. It will be convenient to download it to your phone or tablet so that you can quickly watch the sample while filming.
  • If you upload your videos to multiple platforms, you can download your reels and upload them to TikTok or Youtube, for example.

In what format are Instagram reels saved?

Reels format is most often mp4, this format provides a good quality video stream with a small file size. When you publish a reels to Instagram, the video is automatically converted to the desired format and optimized for quality and size.

It is worth noting that since the video is saved to the device as a file, the reels are downloaded with the music.

What devices can I download reels to?

Using our service "Instagram Reels Downloader" you can download reels from Instagram for free on Android, IOS, Windows Mobile or any other phone, tablet or PC. Among the supported operating systems are also Mac, Windows, Linux. Thus, Internet users can use the site on any resolution - from mobile to widescreen.