The most popular social network based entirely on photos is Instagram. Almost every famous person or brand necessarily maintains an account with this social network. With the help of photos it is easy to convey your emotions, your taste, your lifestyle to your subscribers. Conventionally, people can be divided into visual and kinesthetic, but devices have not yet learned how to touch someone or something. But with the transfer of feelings, emotions, tastes through photos and video phones and computers cope very well. In this way, you can help your subscribers to feel, through visual images, what the author of the publication feels.

Photos can be in posts (and in the same carousel as videos) as well as in stories. To download a photo you like via our online service Instagram Photo Downloader, you'll need to copy the link to the post or story beforehand. It is important to note that you can download photos from Instagram only from public accounts. We respect copyright and privacy rules.

How to download Instagram photos?

To download a image from Instagram post with the help of the service you need to follow a few simple steps:
  • Copy the URL

    While in the Instagram app, go to the detailed view of any photo, click on "..." and in the context menu that appears, click "Copy link".

    Copy the URL
  • Insert link

    Navigate in your browser to the site of our service and enter in the search box the url address of the photo you want to download, then click "Download"

    Insert link
  • Click the "Download" button

    Once on the download page, wait for the result of your query to be displayed. As soon as the page displays the materials, pay attention to the "Download" button next to each of these materials. Clicking it will allow you to start free downloading photos from Instagram.

    Click the "Download" button

Why do I need an Instagram Photo Downloader?

There are countless cases where you may need to download Instagram pictures anonymously. Here are a number of examples that almost everyone can encounter.

  • Suppose you are passionate about weekend trips to other cities and come across a selection of itineraries for walks in neighboring cities in the stories. In order to take advantage of the advice at the right moment and get acquainted with the city, it is not unreasonable to save a photo, because from the stories the photo can disappear after 24 hours if the author does not move the publication to reels.
  • Often residents of a particular apartment complex or neighborhood in the city subscribe to a channel that publishes news directly related to life in their home. Announcements about a temporary water outage or a planned event can often be found in the posts or stories of such accounts in the form of a photo. It will be convenient to download a photo from Instagram by link to mobile phone and always have it handy.
  • Many people learn a foreign language, and there are many different accounts on Instagram on this topic, too. Sometimes in the feed you can find a carousel of basic rules, which you should definitely learn. Download the carousel photos to your iphone or any other phone. This way, you will always have all the material at your fingertips, and in your free time you can take the time to repeat the material, you won't need to dig through your bookmarks additionally.
  • Your girlfriend's new hairstyle, the beautiful manicure in the beauty salon stories, the new rejuvenating cream of your favorite brand - all of these often end up in bookmarks, too. In order not to lose all these photos, it is better to download them right away. Later you can easily find the photos on your phone, show them to your hairdresser or manicurist.

Downloading Instagram photos may be required in many other cases, for each it can be its own unique special case. After all, making a screenshot on your PC or phone, you save the photo is not in full quality. When you enlarge such a photo, you will definitely see artifacts. Therefore we recommend to use our service "Instagram Photo Downloader", which allows you to download photos in their original, maximum quality.

In what format do I download photos from my Instagram account?

When uploading a photo to Instagram, the developers have provided for automatic creation of smaller resolution copies of the photo in order to reduce the size of the photo and increase the speed of its loading and displaying on mobile devices. Usually two more sizes are created besides the original size - 1080px and 750px in width. On the publication download page, there will be several buttons below the photo that allow you to download the photo in the quality you want. For example, if you have limitations on the speed of your Internet connection or the amount of traffic, it would be wasteful to download a full-size photo, we recommend choosing a medium size photo for PC and a small size for mobile devices.

Instagram itself encodes all photos uploaded through the app into a format that provides the best size/quality ratio. However, only two formats are commonly used: JPG and WEBP. The first format appeared a long time ago and is well-known to everybody, but the last one is a rather new format but all operating systems for today are able to display it. Therefore it is easy to see the downloaded photo in the gallery.

The advantage of our service "Instagram Photo Downloader" over some similar ones is the ability to download photos from Instagram by link on any device (desktop, laptop, phone), any operating system (iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows), any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge). In addition, you do not need to register on our website, you do not even need an account in Instagram. If you share a link to the post, you can absolutely anonymously watch the post with photos and videos or stories and your viewing will be in "incognito" mode and will not appear in the statistics of the author.

By clicking on the nickname of the author of the post, you can go to the service of anonymous viewing of the latest posts and stories of this user. Often guys and girls wonder what's going on in the life of their ex-wife/husband, but they don't want to advertise it. Of course, you can not only see the latest published photos and videos in the posts and stories, but also download them.