As you know, the social network Instagram focuses on media content. Users in this social network every day publish millions of photos and video clips on completely different topics and in different formats. Our service "Instagram video downloader" helps you conveniently and free download videos from Instagram of any public profile.

For example, many users like to post the highlights of their lives in a story. A story is a short video that disappears after 24 hours. The most popular and successful videos from stories are usually moved to the reels or highlights section by their authors. To anonymously download Instagram video you like to your device, you'll just need to copy the link in the IG application and paste it into the search box on our site. Then you only need to choose the appropriate quality and the video is saved on your phone, computer or tablet.

How to download videos from Instagram?

To save Instagram video using this service, follow the steps below in the order shown:
  • Copy the URL

    Go to the Instagram application, open the entry (a post with a video, reels or history), click on "..." and in the menu that opens, click on "Copy link". After tapping, the link will be in the clipboard of your device.

    Copy the URL
  • Insert link

    In the browser bar of any of the browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox enter the address of this platform On the page that opens, at the very top, paste in the input field the link copied to the buffer, and then click 'Download'. Note that if your link is not in the correct format, an error message will appear.

    Insert link
  • Click the "Download" button

    After the previous step, you will be taken to a page with one or more videos that match your link from IG. Each video presented has a download button that you can click to save the video from Instagram.

    Click the "Download" button

Why do I need an Instagram video downloader?

There can be many reasons to download Instagram videos. Here are just a small fraction:

  • The video can show an original tip about the house, which is very relevant to you at the moment. By saving the video from Instagram on your phone, you can refresh your memory at any time, and directly use the advice, even when the story has already disappeared from your feed.
  • In your travel account you may come across some very beautiful locations for a photo shoot in your city. Download a selection of such clips to your device, and all you need to do is to build a route around them.
  • Fitness clubs often post in posts or stories in video format instructions on how to properly perform a particular exercise. Save the workout videos on your phone and watch them the moment you start exercising in the gym.
  • In your feed you came across a video of your idol with a new and enchanting hairstyle. You wanted to make an appointment at the beauty salon and ask your hairdresser to repeat this hairstyle. If you managed to sign up only the next day, the story can already disappear, then our service of downloading Instagram videos comes to your aid. In order for your hairstylist to make your hair look as similar as possible, you will need to periodically review the saved video. When downloading, you should opt for maximum quality.
  • On any clothing brand's reels account, dozens of new looks from the new collection have been posted. After watching all the videos, you are likely to choose a couple of your favorite ones and go to the nearest store of the brand. The consultant, after watching the saved on your iPhone videos with bows, will immediately understand what you're asking about and will pick up things to your size.

Also, don't forget that everyone may have other personal reasons to use Instagram Video Downloader. Many users often follow the lives of their ex-girlfriends and boyfriends. When you want to share a video story with a friend anonymously so that the friend's view is not shown in Instagram statistics, then you should not share the link to the video with her. It would be more correct to download the video yourself through our service and send the video file to your friend. Another option to anonymously view photos and videos of a specific user is to use In the search bar, you will need to enter the nickname of the user whose video you want to view anonymously.

In what format do I download videos from my Instagram account?

The standard video quality on Instagram is 1080p. However, in order to view videos faster on mobile devices, the developers of the social network Instagram have provided for automatic conversion of downloaded video clips to a lower quality, i.e. 720p and 480p. On desktop computers, most often the monitors are widescreen, so to view videos downloaded from Instagram without visible artifacts, you should choose the maximum quality of 1080p when downloading. In addition, most desktops are connected to fiber optics and have no problems with the speed of downloading data from the Internet. Laptops usually have a much smaller screen, so 720p quality will be optimal. For phones, 480p is the standard.

All videos uploaded to Instagram are converted to the mp4 format, which is currently considered one of the most optimal formats based on the size/quality ratio. Another advantage of the mp4 format is that it is supported by all operating systems. Videos play without errors both on mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android, and on desktop versions, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Our Instagram Video Downloader service works in all browsers, e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge. So you can use the service from absolutely any device.