In addition to the well-known social network Facebook, another social network called Instagram is popular all over the world. Hundreds of millions of users upload terabytes of photos and videos every day. Users share news from their lives, like and comment on other users' updates. And more and more users of this social network use the format of stories instead of the usual posts and reels.

What is a story on Instagram?

When you click on a user's avatar in the profile or at the top of the feed, you can see their stories - short, vertical videos or just pictures. Most often, users post parts of their lives, highlights, and impressions of the day. Many people like to follow the life of famous personalities, bloggers or just friends, to be aware of what they have and how they live. Stories do an excellent job with this function.

That's why after the introduction of stories in Instagram, users loved it and it became very popular. Other social networks picked up the trend and developed similar stories on their platforms. Stories are now a familiar, integral feature of Instagram.

Similar to other content formats for the story, you can like or react by sending a message to the author. However, the developers did not provide the function of downloading Instagram story in the application.

It is important to note that stories have a peculiarity - they disappear after 24 hours. That is, after 24 hours you won't be able to view the story unless the author moves the story to the highlights. Just like videos in the reels section, stories are visible to everyone, if the user's account is public, and no privacy settings are set for specific users.

Stories are often also seen as a tool for analyzing the interests of their loyal audience. This is a very important metric for brands to "probe" the needs and tastes of their potential customers based on inspections, outreach and responses to stories.

The Instagram Story Saver service is designed to save Instagram stories to your PC or cell phone.

How to download Instagram stories on Iphone, on Android and other OS?

To download a published story using the "Instagram Story Downloader" service, all you need is a link to a downloadable resource. Below is a brief instruction on how to do this:
  • Copy the URL

    While in the application, find the "..." button in the upper right corner of the story, click on it, and then click on "Copy link" in the menu that appears

    Copy the URL
  • Insert link

    Type the address of our platform in the browser line In the input box, paste the link copied from Instagram

    Insert link
  • Click the "Download" button

    On the page with the result, click one of the media resources to download the story from Instagram

    Click the "Download" button

In what format and resolution is the Insta story downloaded?

Let's note right away that our service allows you to download stories in their original quality. When the user uploads materials to Instagram, the developers provided automatic conversion and saving the uploaded photo or video in the best quality and resolution. This allows you to speed up downloading and viewing stories and posts in the feed on mobile devices where speed and traffic limitations are possible.

Video stories are usually saved in the MP4 format. This format provides an optimal balance between file size and quality. Photos in stories are most often in JPG and WEBP formats. Both formats give good results.

What devices, browsers, and operating systems are supported?

Our service "Instagram Story Saver" provides work on any type of devices: ordinary desktops, laptops, mobile devices (phones and tablets). 99% of devices run on one of the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android. All these operating systems are fully supported by our service. Stable operation is also guaranteed on all browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari. Thus, absolutely any Internet user can easily download Instagram stories to your phone or computer.