Instagram is known as the most popular platform for publishing photos. The social network follows trends and launches new services. Now every minute hundreds of thousands of users upload here not only new posts with photos, but also videos. During its existence, Instagram has added several new services.

The reels service was created as an alternative to TikTok, where users usually post entertaining content that is accessible to everyone. Launched in 2018, IGTV, which was supposed to compete with YouTube, was renamed Instagram TV in 2021. Stories, where users post highlights from their lives, are entirely an Instagram invention. The story service has become very popular, and its counterpart has been added by many services in one form or another.

What is an IGTV video?

The IGTV long video service is a section where users can post videos up to an hour long. There is no separate button in the app for IGTV videos because this video format has lost its relevance and users used to search for such videos very rarely. Short videos are trending now. That's why Instagram is focusing on reels and there is a button in the center of the lower control panel for this section.

The section with IGTV videos is available only on the pages of users who have uploaded videos of this format. IGTV videos are not popular among ordinary users, but brands are still actively uploading such videos to their accounts. There is no opportunity to download Instagram IGTV videos in this section.

You can post videos to IGTV Instagram through the Instagram app or website, or through the dedicated IGTV app. Videos can be in any orientation - both vertical and horizontal. Since videos are posted in this section are long up to 60 minutes, they require mandatory editing. You can upload files in MP4 format. Similar to Youtube, for each IGTV video you can upload a cover page.

How to download IGTV from Instagram?

Just like stories, reels and posts, IGTV videos cannot be easily downloaded from the app or the Instagram site. The developers simply did not include such a built-in function. The reason for this is simple - if your friend has shared a link to such a video with you, you will definitely want to watch it. As a consequence, you will probably register in this social network if you haven't been registered in it before.

With our service "IGTV video downloader" you can download Instagram videos anonymously and for free. You do not need to register an account or authorize in Instagram. It is enough that you have a link to the resource.

  • Copy the URL

    If you find a video you are interested in, click on the paper airplane icon or open the context menu. You will need to find the "Copy Link" item

    Copy the URL
  • Insert link

    Go to the site "Instagram IGTV Downloader", where you need to insert the link in the search line. Then click on the "Download" button

    Insert link
  • Click the "Download" button

    On the download page of "IGTV downloader" you will see a button to download the clip.

    Click the "Download" button

What are IGTV Instagram videos for?

As mentioned earlier, most often such videos are uploaded by companies to promote their products. So one option is to review products, their features, designs, benefits, as well as unpacking the product and testing it. Before making an online purchase, customers most often look for product reviews and product reviews.

Fitness clubs and workshops often put in a section of long video tutorials, where the master, trainer or other expert clearly shows the technique of performing any physical exercise, making items, cooking, etc.

Online schools publish educational videos that may include lectures on some topics of interest to subscribers. However, not only brands use Instagram IGTV videos, some bloggers record interviews, post live recordings and even make documentaries.

IGTV video format and resolution

The standard resolution to save IGTV is 1080x1920 px. This quality will be enough even for viewing on a PC, where the resolution of the monitor can be quite large. When downloading a video, the developers have provided for automatic conversion of the video in several other resolutions: 720p and 480p. This is needed in order to save traffic on cell phones and tablets, because some users have limitations on traffic and Internet connection speed.

Supported devices, OS and browsers

Using our service "IGTV video downloader", you can download IGTV from Instagram on Android and iOS, as well as desktop platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux. Thus, our site can be opened on any device - phone, tablet, laptop or PC. IGTV downloader service supports all modern browsers - Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox.